LI Adventure Race 2015 - 631films

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-These photos are courtesy of Long Island Adventure Race!!!! There is no charge for digital downloads!! FREE!!

-We had 4 photographers on the course, The most popular areas being the Slip and Slide, Slack Lines, Tarzan Swing / Mud Pits and the Finish Line Mud Section. There are multiple groups there some only have a few pictures but if you remember getting a photo taking on the other obstacles check those galleries out as well!

-The 4 major galleries are divided into time slots. These time slots are a rough estimate of what time you crossed that obstacle. For example if you started at 10:30 you most likely hit the Slide and Slack Lines between 10:30-11:00 but may have gone through the Tarzan Swing/ Mud Pits and Finish Line in the 11:00-11:30 slots!

Starting Line

Crab Walk

Slip and Slide

Slack Lines

Ice Bath

Sand Bags

Tarzan Swing & Mud Pits

Monkey Bars

Slippery Wall

Finish Line Mud